The hidden costs of being disabled.

Being disabled, as I am, can cost money, we need to buy things which perhaps non disabled people wouldn’t even think about.

I’m currently lying in bed snuggled under a rainbow weighted blanket. Weighted blankets aren’t cheap though, this cost me just over £100 and that was with a discount. Some may say what an earth is a weighted blanket and why do you need it. Well I won’t explain in detail what it is as that is easy enough to google, but essentially it is a blanket which is weighted, mine weighs 5 kg. I originally got it as my boyfriend suggested them saying they would be good for when I’m trying to sleep but I’m ticcing as weight can help tics. I’ve also realised I have to have something over me when I sleep and this weighted blanket makes me feel safer and more protected than before. It’s not a miracle worker and hasn’t solved all my sleep problems, but it is helping me sleep slightly better than I was.

other things I’ve brought because of disabilities: fingerless gloves for punching self or object tics, hand ball knee pads for forward fall down tics, rented a wheelchair for a couple of weeks, weighted lap pad for leg tics when sitting, weighted long snake to help with neck tics, pill box to organise all my meds so it is easier and less overwhelming for me to take them when I should, Tourette’s ID card so if people are rude or question me I can show it to them and prove I have Tourette’s, a set of cards which have useful brief things on which get say to someone quickly what I need to say to them without me having to speak (including a card which I can use when my speech blocking tic happens telling people I can’t currently talk, but can write what I want to say). And there is probably more things I’ve forgotten but I’m tired writing this blog.

So perhaps maybe don’t begrudge me my disability benefits of DLA and ESA which I get, don’t begrudge me my bus pass for free travel. Because being disabled has these hidden costs which non disabled people probably don’t exactly think about.

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