Why do I use a wheelchair?

I have not blogged in a while and that is mainly down to what my mood is doing. It’s either rapid cycling mood swings or in a depressive episode. So writing a blog post has been hard.

My mood is still doing that but got a bit of motivation so utilising it.

So why do I use a wheelchair?

Well the simple and short answer is ‘due to my Tourette’s’

Now you may be thinking that Tourette’s doesn’t cause someone to need a wheelchair and you may be confused at my answer to the question. Most people who ask the question do not believe me or are confused and a lot of those people are healthcare professionals.

So what is it about my Tourette’s that causes me to be a wheelchair user.

Well there’s a few different reasons why Tourette’s causes me to use a wheelchair.

When I first began using a wheelchair I could technically walk, however walking was dangerous, unpredictable and very painful.

I had tics which made me drop to the floor every few seconds.

I had tics which made me run into the road.

I had tics which made me look like I was doing a comedy sketch of funny walks.

I had tics which meant I walked on the outside of my feet.

I had tics which caused me to limp.

I had tics which meant I couldn’t get off a chair due to my legs moving so much.

Essentially I had various motor tics in my legs and feet that made walking a very painful and unsafe way to get around.

I also however have a longer lasting tic which literally means I cannot stand up. I can crawl about on my knees but standing is a no go.

I am not sure why this is but that’s the way it is. So also walking for me now is impossible.

Even if I could walk currently I would still use a wheelchair for the reasons above as my walking is so unsafe and painful.

I put myself in a lot of pain and through a lot of unsafe situations all because I thought I wasn’t allowed to use a wheelchair. I thought I didn’t have a condition that meant I was allowed to use a wheelchair.

In reality there is no set list of conditions that people can use a wheelchair for. If wheeling is safer or easier or less painful etc for someone then let them wheel rather than walk.

So there you go that’s why I use a wheelchair.

So Tourette’s is the short truthful answer but there is a longer explanation to go with it.

I am not alone in using a wheelchair due to Tourette’s. I know others who use wheelchairs or other mobility aids due to Tourette’s.

Asking me why I use a wheelchair is a question I fear because often I am met with a rude response and people not believing me.

Believe wheelchair uses when they say they need a wheelchair. And believe them when they explain why.

All wheelchair users are valid, whether they can walk or not, weight bare or not and whatever condition they use a wheelchair for.

We are all valid.

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