F is for Frustration  #atozchallenge 

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Well my blog for F was going to be about films and how they’ve impacted my life in unexpected ways.
However, I am writing this on the day the post is supposed to be up and my brain is wiped out from a very stressful and frustrating day.

So it is a short blog.

Frustration-the feeling of being upset or annoyed as a result of being unable to change or achieve something.

I am frustrated with places saying they’re accessible and then not being.

I am frustrated that people use this excuse “well no one else has ever complained about it being inaccessible”

I am frustrated with people not taking me seriously.

I am frustrated that basic things many take for granted are seen by some as unreasonable things for me and that I am expecting extra special attention.

I am frustrated with an inaccessible world.

I am more frustrated when people don’t even try or care.

I am frustrated that so many don’t care.

I am frustrated that I am reduced to tears in public because of the basic “we don’t give a shit about you because you’re disabled”

I am frustrated that I immediately felt like  I should apologise.

I am frustrated that people don’t understand my frustration.

So yes short, and maybe not much content in terms of how many words, but personally some all of these short sentences say a lot more than just the few words (as in metaphorically)

And last but not least I am frustrated that I have to write those above sentences.

1 thought on “F is for Frustration  #atozchallenge 

  1. I can’t begin to understand the difficulties of your days, but yeah, it frustrates me many times as well how much we can shut down in front of the needs of others. From the little things like healthy teens sitting on the bus while tired old or pregnant people stand in front of them. To the bigger things like closing our borders (and eyes) when people try to escape the horrors of their own country. Or just plain old selfishness. It also frustrates me to no end that I don’t know what to do to stop it or at least decrease it. I feel like I’m just standing there and have no way out…
    Thank you for sharing your feelings today, it was thought-provoking and touching.

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