Hearing voices group

For the last few months i have been going to a ‘hearing voices network’ group.

I had been to a hearing voices group several years ago and really did not like it. So when Evan suggested trying this one, that I found out about when sectioned this time last year, i was very anxious. However, i am very glad that i took the plunge and went.

It is a really great group, and learning from others with similar experiences is really helpful, and can make me feel less alone.

We don’t just talk about hearing voices, but things like: medication, coping strategies, stereotypes, paranoia etc.

Everyone gets a chance to speak if they want to, or you can just listen if not wanting to talk.

One of the best things for me is how accepting the leader and other members are of me and my Tourette’s, and using AAC/ipad to communicate. No one has ever said anything negative about my tics, they are just accepted as part of me. Also everyone just accepts me using my ipad to communicate. The leader makes sure i get to say something if i am wanting to, people patiently wait for me to type on my ipad to say something.

It is just so nice to be in a group of people who have similar experiences as me in regards to mental illnesses, and to be in a group of people who just accept my Tourette’s and communication methods.

I look forward to the group each week, and find it really helpful, to just spend time with people who understand and to get ideas on how to cope from them.

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