I’ve always loved Lego since I was a young child.

I had various sets which included:

-fire station and fire engines.

-seaside with sailing and beach changing rooms etc



-and various other random figures.

Lego as an autistic and otherwise neurodivergent child was so important to me.

Building the various sets and following the instructions was so fun and engaging for me. A love of following instructions which has seen me grow into an adult who loves DIY!

Playing on my own, in the way that I liked to play made me happy stim (flapping) as a child.

Lego became this sort of protective source for me. It was fun, but also a way of being out of the way and being able to be shut away in my bedroom.

Now as a 32 year old and I still love Lego.

I love and have various sets of Lego for example::

-various cities

-Trafalgar Square

-Empire State building

-statue of Liberty

-The White House

-a London bus


I love building the sets, following the instructions and then the hard work pays off and I display them around my flat.

Again like as a child it gave me joy and a way to play how I wanted. As an adult it still gives me joy and a way to be in the world as a neurodivergent person.

And yes I love following the instructions still. Which can help to calm my brain a little.

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