An update on life

Well I haven’t posted since October as well life has been and is very difficult.

I won’t go into loads of detail about what has gone on, but shall give a summary.

Due to what has been going on I haven’t been able to blog, I have had ideas but everytime I tried to start writing them down I just couldn’t function properly.

Not sure what is different this time, my mind is racing quite a bit, so perhaps I am a bit hypomanic, and therefore ideas come out more, and I can have more motivation.

Lets just hope I don’t crash in the middle of writing this post!

So October was my last post, and it wasn’t about life, but rather a poem. In fact I don’t think any posts have been about current things. Essentially I am in a long, very difficult, and distressing battle with social services, and the CMHT (Community Mental Health Team) over support hours for myself. Trying to fight for my right to support so that I can actually live my life is mentally and physically exhausting. It has been a long fight, which is still on going, and more and more barriers are being put in my way.

The stress of it all, the fact I was having to write long appeal letters detailing everything I can’t do or need some form of support with, and being reassessed and just continually fighting meant that I had to defer this years university module. A few years ago I started a history degree with The Open University, studying part time, and had done two modules, I started my third, but all the energy and time I had was going on fighting support stuff, and I had nothing left for University work, so I deferred the year.

So that is a very brief summary of what has, and still is going on. It is far from everything though!

I want to try and post a blog post once a week, so that I am doing it more regularly.

I have an idea for a blog that I will post later today, or tomorrow, and a few ideas for some more in the comig weeks. The trouble is as soon as I have written one I want to post it straight away, meaning that periods of intense motivation (usually meaning hypomanic) I end up posting everyday for a bit, and then don’t post for months. So even if I have written one I will upload it to be posted in the future.

I also am hoping to do the A to Z challenge again, I have thought of a theme for this year, and hope to start writing the posts in advance, as last year I wrote some in advance but then was writing some the day it was due, and then couldn’t keep up.

So although I have some ideas of some future blog posts, if anybody else has any ideas of posts they would like me to write, any topics, whether general or specific, whether related to what I generally post about or something completely different, then let me know.

Any suggestions welcome, but can’t promise I can write about everything, or it may take, me a while to write about certain things, but I shall do my best.

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