K is for Kingston #atozchallenge 

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Kingston is my partners dog, he is a very lively Jack Russell, who loves me. Although to be fair he loves everyone and the attention they give him!

He loves giving sloppy kisses, licking your legs whilst you’re trying to sleep, being a very playful rascal, and generally being loveable.
He loves swimming in dirty, freezing water and digging up reeds in said water, but he doesn’t like getting washed with clean warm water!

Although he is rather cheeky and tries to sneakily chew bones in the bed, I’d rather not wake up with a chicken foot in my face thank you Kingston!

I love Kingston as much as he loves me, every time I go to Evans he bounds up to you and immediately gives you cuddles and demands belly rubs. And when you feel shit or depressed his welcome is especially such a joy.

Just stroking him can calm me down, his fur is so soft and the way he cuddles up to you and licks you can bring me out of distressing situations.

When he is scared because of fireworks, I am also scared as fireworks trigger my C-PTSD and by trying to help Kingston it can in return help me, as the distraction of trying to calm him keeps me distracted.

I can give him cuddles and he doesn’t expect me to talk he just lies there being cute. He can definitely tell if you feel crap in some way as he will just curl up next to you.

He makes me laugh, because sometimes he is so desperate to just continually lick my face that he will climb up on top of the pillows and basically sit on my head. He does an excellent meerkat impression on Evans bed to try and look out the window, because he is a very nosey doggy!
He opens his own Christmas presents, which is amusing, but he also wants to open everyone else’s!

He gets confused though with me bless him. The other week myself and evan were getting ready to go out but not with Kingston and I kept ticcing “you want to go for a walk Kingston” oh dear he was an excited doggy, who looked very sad when he wasn’t going with us!

He really does make me smile and can make me feel less distressed.
He is a beautiful and lovely little scamp.

Here is the lovely Kingston.

[image description: a jack Russell dog lying down on a pillow. His body is white with a brown face. End image description]

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