H is for He/him-yes I can be non-binary and use he/him pronouns  #atozchallenge 

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I am a non-binary trans man and I use he/him pronouns.

Being non-binary doesn’t automatically mean I must use a different pronoun, like they/them. Often NB people do use they/them or other forms of pronouns which are not he or she. However that doesn’t mean every NB person has to.

He/him pronouns are the ones I feel most comfortable being referred to, I find it similar to what Eddie Izzard said about clothes “they aren’t women’s clothes, they’re my clothes”
That is how I feel about he/him pronouns, I don’t view them as men’s prnonouns or male pronouns, I view them as the pronouns I feel most comfortable being referred as.

I have been in a NB group/space once and I felt very judged there for my appearance and my pronoun use. I have a beard, a deep voice and I use he/him pronouns. It was as if these people at the group expected me to use they/them pronouns and to look androgynous. It came across to me as if that is the only way they felt you could be NB.
Well it isn’t.

People who identify as NB can use whatever pronouns, can dress how they like, can loook how they want to look.

Being NB isn’t about being androgynous, it is about being who I am.

So yes I can use he/him pronouns and be non-binary.

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