C is for  Cry of pain that goes unnoticed  #atozchallenge 

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Tourette’s so often causes pain, whether acute or chronic pain, or both, it causes people to be in pain. Something people likely hardly think about.

There are different types of pain that come with Tourette’s for me and are split into two categories.

Acute pain

Acute pain is shorter than chronic pain, doesn’t mean it is only a few minutes or hours. It can be pain that lasts for days or weeks, but that subsides.

This pain could be a result of a tic which has caused me to hit or kick or head butt something hard like a wall. Maybe I’ve broken a bone, created a mass of bruises, or have scrapped and cut my skin. This creates pain, but pain which I know will usually subside over a few days to weeks.

Acute pain can also come from a tic punching myself, often over and over in same or similar area. I get bruises or very sore parts of my body. Most often my stomach and chest, but also my head and eyes. This again is bad pain, but I do at least know that it will subside.

A tic can be so forceful it can twist or pull a muscle, break teeth, twist joints into strange positions, trap nerves etc.

Chronic pain

Chronic pain is long term pain, it isn’t necessarily less severe or more severe, obviously that is dependant on each person, but it is something that is there for the long term and isn’t going away any time soon, of ever.

Long term pain in Tourette’s can be muscles with ache from constant movement, that never rest and no matter how much they hurt and ache, they do not rest, so they become so much more achey.

A throat that is constantly sore to some degree due to all the vocal tics.

Joints that ache and are painful from moving so much.

What can also come with Tourette’s is different sensations, some people get electric shocks over their body that can be virtually constant and very painful.

Personally I think my chronic pain associated with Tourette’s is less severe than the acute pain, but I very often get acute pain. I do seem to have a higher pain threshold than the average, so that might be something to do with it. But even so my body aches and is in pain. Yet you probably would never think of Tourette’s causing pain.

I say this is pain that goes unnoticed, because although I realise that there are other disabilities that people don’t believe how painful they can be, it is often that some sort of pain is generally associated with it or listed in diagnosis lists. Whereas with Tourette’s only tics are so often talked about and seen or heard.

Having Tourette’s can cause a lot of pain in more ways than you know or even realise.

3 thoughts on “C is for  Cry of pain that goes unnoticed  #atozchallenge 

  1. Both my husband, one of his two brothers, and my son have facial tics. Fortunately, no pain, but, at one point, I did some research on Tourette’s and never ran into much discussion on the pain component. My autistic brother in law will pick at the skin on his hand but it’s never been diagnosed as a tic; I think it may be a type of stimming.

    1. Yeah I’ve never seen pain discussed within Tourette’s.
      I only generally talk about with a close friend who also has Tourette’s.

      It does sound like a stim with your brother in law. I bite at my skin and nails as a stim and a compulsion.

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